I. knock knock 1 [nɒk ǁ nɑːk] verb [transitive]
1. FINANCE if something knocks the price of shares, stocks etc, the price changes very quickly and unexpectedly:

• Talk of easing the US credit policy knocked prices higher in light trade.

• Its shares were knocked by the Kuwait Investment's Office's decision to sell 10% of its stake.

2. knock on/​at the door to make it clear that you want to join something or want help from someone:

• A number of countries are knocking at the European Union's door.

knock something → down phrasal verb [transitive]
1. informal to reduce the price of something so that it is very cheap:

• Volkswagen has knocked down the prices of the base GL model this year.

2. be knocked down to somebody to be sold at an auction (= a sale where something is sold to the person willing to pay most ) :

• The item was finally knocked down for £790 to a bidder in the saleroom.

knock something off (something) phrasal verb [transitive] informal
to reduce the price, value etc of something by a particular amount:

• The poor results knocked 13p off the share price.

knock something → out phrasal verb [transitive] informal
1. to produce a lot of something:

• Price's Patent Candle Company has been knocking out candles at its London factory since 1831.

2. if something knocks out a system, machine etc it stops it working:

• Fluctuations in the mains power supply knocked out the computer which normally logs all changes in operations.

  [m0] II. knock knock 2 noun [countable]
something which suddenly makes a product fail or makes prices fall:

• The US is likely to take a series of knocks from discounting in the car market.

• a 612-point knock to the FTSE-index

* * *

knock UK US /nɒk/ verb [T]
to cause a sudden and unexpected change in something such as prices: »

His downbeat assessment knocked the company's share price enough to ensure that it failed to rejoin the FTSE 100.


Analysts have warned that price cuts and slowing sales would knock profits.

to affect someone or something badly: »

The hotel and conference sector has been knocked sideways by a catalogue of problems in recent years.


Manufacturing redundancies in the area are knocking buyers' confidence.

be knocked by sth »

The financial markets were badly knocked by the week's political turmoil.

INFORMAL to criticize something or someone: »

Critics may knock the company, but it's still a good investment.


You can knock him for some things, but you have to give him credit for his record.

come knocking — Cf. come knocking
knock on/at sb's door — Cf. knock on/at sb's door
knock sth on the head — Cf. knock sth on the head
knock spots off sth/sb — Cf. knock spots off sth/sb
knock sth/sb into shape — Cf. knock sth/sb into shape
knock the bottom out of sth — Cf. knock the bottom out of sth
knock UK US /nɒk/ noun [C]
a situation in which something is badly affected: »

Sales of champagne were up over the key Christmas period despite earlier fears of a knock in consumer confidence.

INFORMAL a bad experience: »

take/suffer/have a knock


In him, we see a man, toughened by his share of hard knocks, who's had to struggle for every success.

a criticism of someone or something: a knock on sb/sth »

The biggest knock on internet phones is that they're only as reliable as your broadband connection.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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